Greg Jones is a Swansea born photographer who has travelled extensively throughout Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Thailand and Europe capturing life and landscapes through a lens.

Greg’s first professional photography trip was at the age of 25. Straight out of college, he embarked on one of many adventures exploring the dramatic scenery that Australia and New Zealand has to offer.

With over twenty years experience and an extensive portfolio, Greg still considers photography as an ongoing form in which he continues to study and develop to the highest standard, meeting the demanding levels that fine art photography requires today.

Always searching for diversity in his subjects, Greg’s passion has taken him to many countries, exploring a kaleidoscope of shades, colours and cultures that give his images a striking quality and emotional depth.

From image to print, Greg’s technical understanding and ability is outstanding, mastering all of the variables that create unique images that inspire, evoke and excite the viewer.


Greg began learning his craft on a trusty Nikon 35MM film camera. From there, he moved onto medium and large format cameras. Greg believes that with their stunning optical performance, he has produced some of his best work.

Greg has used a Fuji GX 6X17 panoramic camera. Offering whole new experience, this camera is capable of producing eight foot images of amazing substance. Greg explains the sheer knowledge that is needed to produce the perfect image from beginning to end, finding the location waiting for the weather is just the start of the very long road in creating an image that is worthy of fine art photography. Perfection is his ultimate aim and he does not disappoint.

Greg has actively embraced the digital era and he explains how technology in this sector cannot be ignored, he now uses Hasselblad,  Nikon, D800E, D810 and Canon 5 DSR as well as his film cameras.

He is very passionate about keeping low production numbers and all his work comes with a very strict certificate of authenticity.

When it comes to printing the final article, Greg uses the best colour management tools and printing technologies available to the fine art arena.

All work is on printed on museum grade material using the best ink sets in the industry with a fade rate of 200 years plus,  framing of every image is carefully considered, always selecting a simple style so as not detract from the image itself.

Greg specialises in sizeable images with some printed up to ten foot wide. Every image is unique and captured on different cameras, so the size of the images will vary and can be designed to accommodate your home or business.


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